Kareem was rather impressed with my previous rather long post about him. But he still did not appreciate me snooping into his life. He made a decision yesterday, a decision to take over my profession, whatever it is I am doing. In short, I believe Kareem is spying on me from in between my own lines.

Today, I decided to change the story, juggling some words here and there. I even wrote new paragraphs, conversations and character development pieces, which Kareem thought were unprofessional, mediocre and cliche. I didn’t particularly like that, but he was right.

As he tore those pages word by word, I was kept thinking… Who’s writing who?

I think, sometimes Kareem, you should take me for granted, as in admit more often that it is I who have created you- and not the other way around, or is it?

My doubt might confuse you, but you Kareem have left me no choice. You elegantly and most boastfully stride upon my pages like you own them, you trail words behind you, and kick some out as you go by. As an excuse for sweeping and cleaning the margins of a paper, you erase whole passages (mostly those I’ve written about myself). In other words, you censor me and today, I announce to the world that your censorship services are going to have to be let go of. I have kindly warned you. I hope you take it seriously!

By the way, I know your secret.