It’s a few days till Christmas, Kareem decides to go on vacation. He doesn’t tell me where he is going, or where will he be for the next few days. He decides to surprise me. He said I will get the chance to put things in perspective. Which persepective you might ask? Let’s just say, I have no idea what he is talking about. He gets schizophrenic from time to time, and I let him. I actually love him for it.

We had an extensive talk the other day. He just appeared, with all his charm and eloquence and requested we sit down and talk, which on normal days usually takes place on slow mornings or vague nights. This time, Kareem wanted to go out. We sat in a cafe on Hamra street, away from the husstle of the traffic but close enough for sounds and scents to linger our way. He commented on the scent of Lebanese coffee, as he ordered his drink. He has a passion for those, for it makes him creative, he said. I knew exactly what he meant of course, but decided for once, to allow him to lead the conversation. He made me buy some coffee beans, they will look good, in a glass jar, on a table next to the Christmas tree he decorated himself, but that is another story for another day.

He said since  it was my birthday,  this is his gift to me. As if talking to myself in public can be thought of as a real treat. But no matter, I decided to humor him.

But I will not tell you the details just yet, right now, Kareem is waiting for me, he says he has a surprise. The day is not over yet, and Kareem is keen on making use of every single moment, hence sleepless nights and zombified days. But his appreciation is good enough for the time being, so I will not be complaining about that, at least for now….