Yesterday passed so slowly. I had nothing to do, no project to work on and Kareem was no where to be found. Don’t worry, he always comes back.

Anyway, the day finally ended, and he wasn’t back yet.  Usually, he either shows up right before dawn or just sends word. That’s how he is, how his head functions. By the way, and in confidence, had Kareem not been that unpredictable, I would never have allowed him to dwell inside my head.

So I get home and open my laptop, make some tea, sit on the dining table and read Kareem’s following message:

Do you often get the feeling that your feet can no longer touch the ground? I know I probably just made you self-conscious, right now, feet-wise. But it was really a question I had to ask.

As I stared at the screen, and reread Kareem’s message over and over again, I wondered who’s really more right in the head…