I do apologize for the delay. But I was celebrating the New Year (not that it means much or changes a lot, but for the sake of tradition, I had to relent). Kareem insisted we spend it in the seclusion of mountain air and chimney fire, with a few bottles of fine white wine or so. Well, forget the wine, the bottles are still quite sealed, their secrets well kept. But let us just say, some other secrets were spilled that night. But this is not why I am writing today, I will tell you all about that some other time perhaps. All in due time, as they say (even though some things do not always happen in their time, but that is just another silly argument to satisfy a pessimist’s heart/mind, or the coward’s thereof).

Anyways, moving on. So what happened that day? I don’t quite remember the details that clearly, well not enough to articulate them that is. But let us try, shall we?

Where do I start? with the bit where Kareem decided to light the chimney, but ended up burning his own shadow? (yes, he is shadowless for a while…)Or when he unplugged the phone and turned off any other form of communication with the outside world? (he even threw the car keys somewhere, I am still searching for those). Why did he do that, you ask? Well certainly not to win a few a private moments, that’s for sure. Kareem wanted to concentrate. He wanted to paint and I had to stay absolutely silent, as he painted one lone apple sitting on a pillow (not a table or a chair, he insisted).

His attempt was far from successful. In fact, it was a disaster. And I told him so.

But one thing you should have noticed by now about Kareem is that he never listens to me, or he at least pretends not to. I am no longer talking about the apple, or his shadowless frame, his immaculate eloquence, or even his crazy sporadic talents…