Allow me to seduce your senses. I invite you, cordially of course, to be mediated by most humble words and thoughts into a world I temporary create just for you. You are at liberty, by all means, to refuse entry. But let me put your insecurity at ease and tell you that you will be unable to do so. Once you glance or pry, for that matter, at my scribblings, a nudging experience shall hold you captive. There will be no support. In other words, you would be floating in mid air, suspended by thin threads of my weaving. For a while, it might strike you that I have nothing to say. But you shall willingly anticipate my utterings and hang on to my narrative regardless of the fragmented episodes you might get the chance to encounter. You might falsely attribute my meaning to ideologies you have have come across or invented even. But you shall soon embrace the originality of my narratives and the ingenious of my ramblings. You will get the chance to jump around ideas and images, even juggle a few of your own. But regardless of your efforts at uniqueness in terms of inventory reception modes of readership, you shall fail at creating a distinct set of emotions or a different meaning other than my own. In the span of time that I decide upon, you shall be hooked at my leisure. And you shall be grateful. For once your experience is terminated and you will ask for more and you shall await the next thread of imagination as you turn page after page, some of which would still be unwritten, hoping to caress its finesse and grip it with all your might lest it escapes you in the hope that it will take you on another journey. You will await surprises every time your eyes brush against a word of my own creation. Right now, I might come off or give away the impression of narcissism. nevertheless, you will to terms with the realization that you have been given an offer you cannot refuse. you might, yet again, falsely attempt to rid yourself of such dependence or commitment to my words. But once again you shall fail with a smile sketched on your beautiful face. It is then that you shall realize that you are a winner.