He stumbled, nearly tripping on something indistinguishable in the dark. It must have been a pebble, or maybe something a bit bigger but not by much. His soles sort of slipped on something hindering their direct contact with the ground. He marvelled at something this small which could have caused his weight to unbalance. Seconds later, it must have been because he was thinking about it, his foot gave way to a miscalculated step, yes possible on even ground. His right foot twisted under his weight, supernaturally, if you prefer, causing his whole body to sway forward to the right side. His left hand suddenly found itself saluting passersby frantically as his right hand gripped the first thinkg in sight, the left arm of a bum selling Chiclets.

Chiclets? really? they still sell those?

The bum certainly did not jump back but held out a pack of gum to him in utter desperation and nodded with his eyes, his head not moving one inch, neither left nor right, as if staring at nothing. As he regained his balance, Larry, for no better name comes to mind at the moment, looked quizzingly at the man who just saved his downfall, to put it in exaggerated terms, since an exxageration can only make things interesting. The bum’s hand holding out the Chiclets packet was still extended towards Larry or Harry, whatever you wish to call him, so that its edges were nearly brushing his right cheeck.

At this point, it did not occur to Larry, or was it Harry?, to move his head backward or sideways (to the left) as to draw back from the bum. Surprisingly, his only reaction seemed to be that of reaching out towards the packet of Chiclets in an attempt to move it away from his face. But things rarely turn out as Larry/Harry plans them.

At this point, the name Benjamin would better suit the man about to hold the Chiclets packet, instead of Larry, the man who nearly tripped. So let us address Larry as Benjamin from now on, the bum as the bum.

So Benji, even better than Benjamin, don’t you think?, slowly raised his right hand and tried with all four fingers to move away the packet using the upper side of his hand and not his palm. Again, supernaturally, his fingers got caught up with that of the bum so that the packet surprisingly ended up in his own hands. The bum smiled baring rotten teeth and one golden something or the other.

“How did you do that?” asked Benji

The Bum continued to smile sheepishly. He did not say a word so Benji repeated his question, one more time. When no answer was given in return, Benji screamed an “Are-you-deaf-do-you -speak-Engleesh?” at the poor guy who only reciprocated with a stupid grin.

After what seemed to be hours, but was only a few minutes in reality, (for Benji believed that Larry/Harry’s life is a slow motion version of his own) and after many failed attempts to return the packet to its seller, so that Benji’s extended hand had actually started to get numb, he threw the packet on the ground, stepped on it, and took one step forward away from the bum.

Benji, who is now better known as Kelly, was smiling broadly at his little acheivement, till a sharp spasm, almost like something not-so-sharp, harmless, but strong enough to knock you out kind of thing met his stubborn skull with full force.

In split seconds (and skull), Kelly fell hard on the ground below his feet, and became known as Kelly, the man who actually tripped. Till this day, it is still not clear whether Kelly tripped over the metal rod in front of him before being hit with the mysterios not-so-sharp, harmless, but enough to knock you out kind of thing, or the other way around.