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A word. Countries have lived and died, were built and destroyed, by one word. Respect for human beings and their intelligence in the first degree constituted the politics of many a powerful nation.
But today, we do things differently. Modernity have proclaimed that we lose our values alongside our humanity, we either become barbarians or mere comatosed sheep – robots in either option.
Today, we no longer have the patience to make leaders kneel through silence and pacific protests, we no longer believe in the power of the word. I confine my statement today to the case and context of Downtown, Beirut today, Oct. 21, 2012. Facing a silent assassin, a camouflaged murderer, we will not turn into thugs, that will only make us no different from the very low-lives we are fighting against.
In 2005, I was among those who called for the truth, who chose life. It took me a year after that to realize that the side I have taken does not represent me. Today, especially today, neither side represents me still. But I do have the intelligence and the brains to know what is right. How to act? I want lots of things. I do want to bring this government down, but I do not want the proposed alternative. I do want change but it is not through the potential of either camps.
Today I was ashamed to say I belonged to a people who turned a funeral procession (a tragic occasion) into a festival, a celebration of political muscles, a stage for speeches of hate and accusation. I might agree with who March 14 believes is doing the killings. But I certainly do not agree with how they choose to act their beliefs out, how each politician manages his affairs or how their followers refuse to think and merely choose to follow. I am not even mentioning March 8 for apparent reasons within the context of what I am saying. I have always refrained from posting political entries. But today might have changed things. I do believe there is no grey area in politics. It is either black or white. I still believe so. I do however believe that politics is a dirty game and all politicians are liars, counterfeiters and corrupt par excellence, no matter the side they belong to. This is simply what they do. I refuse to be anyone’s Frankenstein, anyone’s herd or experiment. I refuse to rent out, or even sell out, my mental capabilities to any political figure. I am smart and intelligent and refuse to give that up. I refuse to allow anyone to label me anything other than a free thinking Lebanese. So all I am trying to say today, is shame on everyone who threw not a stone or a stick but a wrong glance at the ISF protecting the Serail, on everyone who selfishly helped turn a sad moment into a despicable riot. We all want justice and freedom, but not like that. God bless the martyrs who paid the price of external and internal conspiracies and all the innocent civilian souls who always pay the price. What is even worse is that this time, the wrong time and place were home.